Precision Engineering & Manufacturing

The company started in 1975 and was acquired by a new management team in Q1 of 2021. The new management team brought in years of experience to improve manufacturing efficiencies as well as the expertise in additional production disciplines to expand the businesses products and services.

Automotive Technology Company

As the automotive industry evolves and moves more toward electric and technology-driven vehicles, the tools for maintaining and services these vehicles have evolved as well.  The Company is at the forefront of providing the automotive servicing industry with the highest quality and most advanced tools in the industry.

Wireless Engineering Services Firm

Established in 2002, the Company provides high-end wireless engineering services to the large mobile carriers.  They ensure the mobile networks, including 5G, are providing optimal performance so your wireless connection is ultra-fast and without disruption.

National Retail Marketing Provider

The Company, founded in 1984, provides strategic marketing services for Fortune 500 companies throughout the United States. Services include retail business intelligence services, custom research, as well as retail market development and in-store display management. Financially, the Company has been profitable with its growth prospects limited by a lack of access to capital.

Wholesale Lumber Distributor

Founded in 1971, the Company is a distributor of lumber serving residential home developers and wholesale lumber distributors throughout the western United States. From its distribution yards located in Southern California, the company has the ability to ship hundreds of millions board feet of lumber, panels and engineered wood products annually.

Steel Fabricator

Established in 1989, the Company is a steel and plastics fabricator in California’s Central Valley where they produce various metal and plastic products including mild steel sheets, aluminum angles, stainless steel tubes, and various other metal and plastic items.