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Wireless Engineering Services Firm

$1,250,000 Credit Facility

Established in 2002, the Company provides high-end wireless engineering services to the large mobile carriers.  They ensure the mobile networks, including 5G, are providing optimal performance so your wireless connection is ultra-fast and without disruption.


The Company had several large projects delayed due to the global pandemic.  As a result, the Company incurred losses for 2020 and their bank was unwilling to renew their line of credit.  As the projects come back on-line in 2021 the Company realized they not only needed to refinance the bank loan but also find a financial partner to support the pent-up demand going forward.  In the first meeting, Pacific Coast Capital’s management team was able to understand the need and offer an Accounts Receivable line of credit along with an Unbilled AR facility. 


The AR and Unbilled Line of Credit provided the Company with the necessary capital to not only pay off the incumbent bank but also ensure they would have the needed capital to support the rapid growth as the delayed projects come back on-line. 

The Company now has the peace of mind they have a financial partner going forward to support the ups and downs of their industry cycles.


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