Success Story

National Retail Marketing Provider

The Company, founded in 1984, provides strategic marketing services for Fortune 500 companies throughout the United States. Services include retail business intelligence services, custom research, as well as retail market development and in-store display management. Financially, the Company has been profitable with its growth prospects limited by a lack of access to capital.


The Company experienced rapid growth due to a shift in the focus of retail customers. These customers looked to expand and enhance the consumer shopping experience in stores to compete with Amazon and other online retailers. Providing the resources for these customers required an up-front investment in demonstration equipment as well as the teams of people needed to carry out such services. Dave and Jeff were called in to help find a solution for the up-front investment and for general working capital needs of the business including the burden of added payroll to support the new jobs.

We structured a working capital line of credit around various nuances of the customer contracts and provided a purchase order facility to help support the up-front investment in the new orders.


With our financing, the Company took full advantage of its growth prospects and ultimately sold the Company to a large national provider for an attractive price. After the sale, the owner offered the following comments:

“Anyone who wants to know what it’s like to have a true financial partner should just ask me. Dave and Jeff have created an environment for success, and we would have never reached this pinnacle without the combined creativity to find solutions to business situations during the up and down periods. Most people don’t understand the talent of your team.”


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