IRVINE, CAMarch 30, 2020 – Pacific Coast Capital LLC today announced it is leveraging Crowd Machine’s custom application service to streamline lending and reporting processes and enable real-time transparency for lenders and customers.

Working with Crowd Machine developers, Pacific Coast Capital was able to collaborate on a custom application that enabled its lenders to access all credit and legal information, from one central repository, via the cloud. The application provides dynamic, real-time information so both customer and lender can see the status of loan balances and borrowing capacity.

“Since we are an asset-based lending company, we need the real-time data access to see whether the customer’s loan request is supported by sufficient collateral. From the customer’s perspective they can immediately see their loan status to determine their capacity to borrow against the line of credit,” explained Drogos. He added, “We don’t get as many customer calls because they can see everything related to their loan in real-time on the Crowd Machine system.”

Pacific Coast Capital understands that early stage or high growth companies are driven by significant time pressures. The company founders needed an asset-based lending platform that could deliver approval and funding terms to client companies in an efficient timeframe, and one that would help both Pacific Coast Capital and clients stay on track throughout the financial relationship.

In looking for a solution to serve this entrepreneurial customer base, Pacific Coast Capital’s Dave Drogos drew on his experience with Metavine, Crowd Machine’s parent company, where he helped develop an asset-based lending system. Drogos searched the available tools in the marketplace and came to the conclusion he could work with the Crowd Machine team, using Crowd Machine’s cloud-based custom development technology, to develop the exact solution his team needed to serve customers.

“We anticipate considerable growth over the next year or so, and Crowd Machine will be part of the team making it happen,” said Drogos. “The system scales easily and contains all the application capability we need to be competitive. Crowd Machine has the winning combination of nurturing exponential growth with an efficiency that requires minimal staff.”

About Pacific Coast Capital, LLC

Pacific Coast Capital, LLC is a California-based provider of asset-based loans to small and middle-market companies across the western United States. Its core competency is providing asset-based loan solutions to the growing number of entrepreneurial businesses that are seeking funding without the stress of banking or finance company restrictions, covenants, and other compliance burdens. The company focuses on lending arrangements up to $3 million.

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